2 stable boots + 12 refills Cap-Tend


2 stable boots + 12 refills

Capsular stable boots can be put on the fore and hind legs in resting period. The refill placed inside Capsular boots is soaked with natural and non-doping ingredients which are once released in touch with the leg of the horse to liimit the tendinous risks.

Their light foams bring perfect comfort for your horse. Boots are produced in France, they weigh only 250g and absorb shocks and avoid echoing vibrations on your horse legs.

The removable under boots is absolutely weatherproof on the inner side, thus being not absorbed through textile and allowing a total efficiency in the body.

Capsular stable boots effects :

  • HELPING to tighten tendons
  • STIMULATING Oedemas reduction
  • ACCELERATING drainage of toxins


Laying time

Put the Capsular boots 2 hours on your horse legs during resting time or in transport.

Unchanged uses

You can shower your horse legs before putting the Capsular, refills will be efficient.

Take away kit

Kit Capsular is composed of 12 refills and 1 totebag to store and take away your Capsular boots.



  • Adapted to fore and hind legs
  • Store shielded from the humidity in a dry and airy place
  • After use, let dry before arrangement
  • Machine washable up to 90°F or 30°C
  • Air dry only
  • Weight : 250 gr

Our engagements

Our products are entirely produced in France with a high quality and lifetime.


Cap-Tend refills  are placed inside Capsular boots during resting periods for 2 hours minimum.  They are soaked with anti inflammatory ingredients to accelerate drainage of toxins and improve tendinous comfort.  

They are recommended after training and competitions and to release a tendinitis, oedemas, swelling.