Capsular Saddle pad & Fly Veil

Care Saddle pad & Fly Veil, new generation


The Capsular Saddle Pad & Fly Veil are used in combination with the CapBack Balm "During Effort".

The technical mesh allows a diffusion of the active ingredients in the heart of the sensitive zones of the horse.

Used during exercise, the products of the Effort Range allow a better integration of the CapBack formula for immediate and lasting effects.

They promote the flexibility of the horse's back and the preservation of the cervical area.


Application and use

Apply the Balm to the medical mesh parts inside the Mat and the Bonnet by making a serpentine.



Textile 100% Cotton:

Soft and breathable;
Optimal ventilation and release of perspiration;
Medical mesh:

Composed of an ultra-flexible waterproof and breathable membrane.

Allows the formula to be absorbed and the active ingredients to be released slowly for increased efficiency.

Our engagements

"Effort" range

Prevention and relaxation of the back and cervical area.

RELIEVES inflamed areas;
PREVENTS muscle tension and contractures;
PROMOTES the elimination of toxins.
Composition: Burdock, Arnica Montana, Scots Pine, Black Spruce, Wintergreen, Vegetable gums, Geogard, water.

Certified non-doping.